The secrets to getting an amazing tattoo


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and been awestruck by impressive tattoos that seem almost too incredible to be real?

Ever wonder WHO is wearing these? Chances are, those jaw-dropping pieces of art are adorning the skin of other tattoo artists. Why? Because tattoo artists understand the process, do their homework, and trust their chosen artists completely. But you don’t have to BE a tattoo artist to get tattoos like one!

Why Tattoo Artists Have the Best Tattoos (and you can too!)

As an avid tattoo collector, these are the ways I have been able to build an impressive tattoo collection. Tattoo artists are part of a unique community that values creativity, precision, and trust. Here’s why they often sport the most impressive ink:

1. Understanding the Process: Tattoo artists know the ins and outs of the tattooing process. They understand the time, effort, and skill required to create a masterpiece.

2. Homework and Research: They thoroughly research the artists they want to work with. They follow their work on social media, visit their websites, and get a feel for their style and expertise.

3. Full Creative Freedom: Tattoo artists give full creative freedom to the other party involved. They trust the artist they choose and allow them to create without limitations, resulting in unique and exceptional designs.

Tips to Get Tattoos Like a Tattoo Artist

If you want to start collecting tattoos like a tattoo artist, here are some tips:

1. Do Your Research: Spend time exploring different artists’ portfolios. Follow them on social media and get to know their style and strengths.

2. Visit Their Website: Check out their website for more information about their process, booking procedures, and any other details they share. An artist's website is a place where the artist presents their work and displays their aesthetic, which is different from a generic platform like social media. If they do not have a website, maybe consider that.

3. Fill Out Forms Completely: When you’re ready to book, fill out their forms completely and accurately. This shows respect for their process and helps them understand your vision. If you leave information out or forget details, it can make for a rocky start to begin your project. Providing too much information can also be overwhelming (you don’t need to explain why you want the tattoo or request too many details). Tattooers get requests every day, so remember your form isn’t the only one they’re receiving that day. Filling it out correctly will get you to the top of the priority list.

4. Be Flexible and Trusting: Trust your chosen artist’s expertise. Be flexible with your ideas and give them the creative freedom to design something amazing. Avoid the urge to micromanage the design. The professionals have spent hundreds of hours studying design compositions and know what will work the best. They also know what they are best at executing. I guarantee you; every artist wants to hear “whatever you think works best”. Those are literally the magic words to get your project accepted.

5. Understand Their Style: Really understand the artist’s style and ask for something within that range. For example, if you don’t see any landscape tattoos in their entire portfolio, it’s best not to ask them to do a landscape tattoo for you. Instead, choose a design that aligns with their strengths and style.

By following these tips, you can start to build a tattoo collection that’s just as impressive as those you see on other tattoo artists. As an artist and collector, these are the things I do to secure my appointments with sought after artists. And no, these artists are not my “friends”, so I have to follow the process like everyone else.

Remember, the key is trust, research, and allowing the artist to work their magic.

Happy Collecting!