Helpful Tips:

Don't drink heavily the night before your appointment
Make sure to eat a meal at least 2 hours before your appointment
Please do not wear perfume/cologne to your appointment
Wear comfortable clothing/clothing that will easily allow access to the area you would like tattooed (in the winter months, please wear some extra layers)
Do not sunbathe/tan 48 hours prior to your appointment
Do not take aspirin/ibuprofen 24 hours prior to your appointment
Pleases get/give yourself a pedicure before a foot tattoo 1-2 days prior (exfoliate)

How much does a tattoo cost?

The shop minimum is $100. The individual pricing of a tattoo MUST BE DONE IN PERSON; not over the phone, email or messaging. I can only give an accurate price when the details are finalized.

Flat rates are given for one shot tattoos, $150 per hour for multiple sittings.


I require a $40 deposit for tattoo appointments/drawings. I can accept a credit card/debit over the phone.

I require a $150 deposit for portrait/sleeve/large scale tattoos.

The deposit will come out of the cost of the tattoo if it is one sitting, if it is multiple sittings; the deposit will come out of the final session.

You forfeit your deposit and a new deposit will be required under these circumstances:

If you fail to make an appointment within 1 month of receiving your artwork.

If you do not schedule an appointment within 1 month of the deposit.

If you reschedule/cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice.

If you show up more than 30 minutes late to your appointment or do not show up at all.

If you decide you want a different tattoo entirely than the one you discussed with the artist and new artwork needs to be created.

If you change your mind about getting the tattoo.

If immediate rescheduling needs to be done, 48 hours notice is required and exceptions can be made for inclement weather.

If you are unable to produce valid ID.




​I am not currently taking any coverups or fixup jobs.


A consultation is free (up to 30 minutes), I typically only schedule consult appointments for large, complicated designs. A $40 deposit is required for consultations.

I prefer to do the consult at the time of your tattoo.

If you are very "particular" or want full control over the design, I am probably not the artist for you. I will be happy to make a recommendation of another artist for your particular project.

I do not typically draw tattoos before an appointment; I do it in person at the time of the tattoo to get feed back and have the body part available. I like to have a conversation while making the design.

What are some common tattoo "mistakes"?

The first one is getting a tattoo TOO SMALL (especially lettering). The problem with small tattoos is that they ultimately don't look good and they simply don't hold up over time. I suggest to go a bit bigger than you might have imagined (or simplify the idea), and you will be much happier in the long run.

The second problem is trying to cram multiple tattoo ideas into one design. I try to simplify as much as possible. I refer to this as a "modern" approach to tattooing. Pick the most important part of the imagery/symbolism and emphasize that. I usually use/suggest 2 images, that is what I feel I am best at executing. If you are looking for a much busier tattoo, I might not be the right artist for you.

I reserve the right to refuse any tattoo project that I do not feel comfortable with.

What is the process of getting custom work?

I encourage you to bring in artwork or ideas to your appointment. From there, I will ask you what the most important part of the tattoo is and go from there. I will modify the design to compliment the body part it is intended for.

Example: Client wanted skull, compass rose and military symbolism. Instead of going with a flat image with too many small details and lots of lettering, I made a more dynamic angle to fit his chest panel with larger images to give more dramatic impact and longevity.

Example: Client wanted a horse inspired tattoo, but the horse shoe design was wide and wrapped around her forearm, so you couldn't see the entire horseshoe at one time. We opted for a longer, tapered, simplified idea to fit her arm.

Example: I asked this client what the most important part of the design was and she told me the 3 specific feathers and four colors. In the original design, the feathers were actually the smallest part of the tattoo. We decided to go with less of a geometric shape with tiny feathers inside and do dramatic, detailed feathers and added the 4 specific colors into the beads.

Are there any tattoos you will not do?
NO genitals, below the belt, finger/wedding bands, bottom of feet, toes, lips, ears, etc.
Discretion is used when it comes to tattooing necks, faces and hands.
No "novelty" tattooing. No WHITE tattoos.
I reserve the right to refuse ANY tattoo project, at any time.
I can not re-create a copy of existing tattoos, due to copyright and respect for other artists work.
I try to limit lettering jobs to 3 words or less.
I am not currently doing any cover ups or re-works of other artists tattoos. Some exceptions may be made for existing clients or under special circumstances.

Cover Ups:
See above. (Exceptions MAY be made, based on the individual project.)

Can I bring my child?

The studio is restricted to 18+ only.