At Rock City Tattoo, tattooing is more than just ink on skin—it’s a collaborative art form built on passion, trust and creativity.

I am particularly drawn to projects that include portraits, illustrative lady heads, skulls, animals/insects, large botanicals, dark themes, and mythology. These styles truly ignite my creativity and allow me to deliver my best work. I am not limited to these but it gives a rough idea of what I enjoy making. Additionally, I’m really proud to present an extensive selection of predesigned tattoo ideas that I have crafted with great care and dedication. If your idea aligns with these themes or you’re interested in a predesign, I would love to hear about it! Even if it doesn’t, I still appreciate you reaching out, and I’m always here to discuss how we might work together in the future. I’m unable to accept every tattoo request at this time, but I sincerely appreciate your understanding and your consideration of me to bring your vision to life. Your trust in my artistic process is deeply valued. I’ve gathered all the essential information on this page to help answer your questions before you submit your form.


Every tattoo appointment begins with completing the online consultation form. To kickstart the tattoo process, please share your tattoo idea, preferred style (realism, fine-line, etc.), desired body placement, approximate size, and budget. Unsure about style or size? No worries, I'm here to guide you! Make sure to fill out the whole form so we can get you booked in.

Your online consultation form is your initial consult. If it seems like a good match, we will reach out via email. We will request pictures of the body part and 2-3 reference ideas. Once we receive those, we will call you and we will have a phone consultation. All consults are done virtually and/or over the phone. I do not book in person consultations. (I have a blog post about my consultation policy.) If everyone is on board with the project, we will book the appointment and take the deposit at that time. You can make the deposit over the phone, via Venmo or directly through the DEPOSIT page.

If you are still in the early stages of planning your tattoo, I recommend waiting until you’re about 80% certain of what you’d like before submitting. I will be interpreting your idea in a unique way and creative freedom is appreciated!

If you prefer to have complete control over the design, wish to replicate an existing tattoo, desire a style that falls outside my preferred range, have too many specifics, change your mind during the appointment, or if we can't reach a mutual agreement, I will gladly recommend another artist who may be better suited for your project. I reserve the right to respectfully decline any tattoo project that I am not comfortable undertaking. Thank you for your understanding!


The shop minimum is $500. The base rate accounts for the consultation, design time (including any necessary redesigns), setup, equipment, stencil preparation, and the actual tattoo application.

For projects that offer creative freedom or involve pre-drawn designs, I charge an hourly rate of $200.

Tattoos that are completed in one session and custom designs are priced at a flat rate. If your budget is limited, you might consider choosing a pre-drawn design or giving me full creative freedom over your concept. If cost is your primary concern and you're seeking the lowest price, I might not be the right fit for your needs. If you're unsure about your budget, consider applying my standard hourly rate.

Rough guidelines; An outer arm sleeve can be 12+ hours broken up in 3-5 hour sessions. Outer half sleeves are approx 4-6 hours. Large thigh pieces can be 4-8 + hours depending on body size. Portraits are a minimum of 4 hours.

These guidelines are for pre-drawn designs. Colors, realism, custom designs, highly detailed or portrait work will take longer. It also depends on body part and condition of the skin.
Custom designs demand significantly more time for the design phase. I understand that a custom tattoo can be a significant investment! If your current budget doesn’t align with the design you have in mind, I can suggest some creative alternatives that can still bring your vision to life within your financial comfort zone.


I require a $200 NON REFUNDABLE/transferable deposit for tattoo appointments. (Due to an increase in last minute cancellations it has increased.) I accept Venmo or credit card/debit over the phone or the link here on my site. Cash is due at the completion of tattoo.

The deposit will come out of the cost of the tattoo if it is one sitting, if it is multiple sittings the deposit will come out of the final session.
The deposit goes towards my preparation time as well as reserving your time on the calendar. Missed appointments will leave me without any income for the entire work day. The deposit policy is designed to offset the negative effects of cancellations, and rescheduling.

In case of inclement weather, appointments can be rescheduled within a 4+ day period (prior to weather event) without the loss of the deposit. Please reach out via email ASAP to reschedule.

Discretion will be used if appropriate notice is given (5+ days) to reschedule, as I understand life events do happen. Rescheduling will happen at the time of cancellation. The deposit is held 60 days and considered forfeit after that.

If you come to your appointment and change your mind, do not get tattooed, cancel day of or not show up, etc., the deposit is forfeit.


COVER UPS, FIX UPS, FINISHING OTHER ARTISTS WORK, LETTERING, RIB CAGE TATTOOS. If you’ve had laser removal, I might be able to work with you depending on the condition of the tattoo/skin. I exclude any idea requiring tiny details (fingers, toes, etc) or overly specific instructions/ideas. Overly detailed specifics refer to highly precise requirements or instructions that dictate minute elements of a design often restricting creative freedom. This includes specifying exact dimensions, exact flowers (having a preference is fine, but I prefer not a specific list), numbers of things, colors, placements, etc., that leave little room for artistic interpretation or adjustment. ​I will gladly add names along with a pet portrait. I do not tattoo minors (18+only).


When you arrive at your appointment, I will be there on time with your prepared artwork. I will have my station set up for you and I will be ready to get started! At my private studio, it’s just you and me, creating in a safe and comfortable space that feels like home. I believe in making each session a personal experience, where you can relax and feel completely at ease.

As your professional, I will counsel you on the optimal size, placement and design for the best result.

We typically take a designated “lunch break” after about 2-2.5 hours for 10-20 minutes. That is a good time to refuel and stretch. Feel free to ask for more breaks if needed!

I do not provide artwork prior to the appointment. I understand the desire to visualize the final product in advance, however my policy is set up in a way that I reveal the design at the time of the appointment. This approach helps ensure that any final adjustments are made together, ensuring the best possible outcome. I have written a blog post that covers this topic more in depth. I will send an email confirming your appointment a few days before the scheduled date.

TIPS: Feel free to bring your favorite snacks (sugar and caffeine are good). Wear comfy clothing. Please come alone. Don't drink heavily the night before your appointment. Make sure to eat a proper meal 2 hours before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing that will easily allow access to the area you are getting tattooed (skip the jeggings if you're getting a leg tattoo). Consider the logistics of getting dressed with a large bandage on. Loose and layered is the way to go. I will try my best to keep you toasty in cold weather, but make sure to consider layers in the winter months. Do not sunbathe/tan 48 hours prior to your appointment. Do not take aspirin/ibuprofen 24 hours prior to your appointment. Do not use numbing cream.

I book all appointments at 11 am for the day, Tues-Sat. Before a large tattoo session, rest and fuel your body THE DAY before. Treat the tattoo day like a marathon or athletic event. Don’t be afraid to eat throughout the day. There is ample free parking! There is a paved lot behind the building, unpaved lot next to the building, and free on street parking in the front and on the side. Most people enter the building in the back. CASH is due at time of appointment

Portrait Tips:


Pet Portraits

A high quality photo is essential. Low quality/ low contrast photographs are difficult to tattoo and as a result, may be turned down. Preferred body placement is a flat area (forearm, calf, etc), so the photo will not be distorted when the stencil is placed. I will request 3 photo references and let you know which one is ideal for me to tattoo. I will factor in the lighting, pose, expression and detail. Portrait sessions are a minimum of 4/5 hours.