The art of illustrative/neo trad tattooing. where bold tradtion meets modern expression.

As a dedicated tattoo artist, one style I work in is illustrative/neo traditional tattoos, a style that marries the bold lines and vivid colors of traditional tattooing with contemporary design and themes. This fusion creates a unique and deeply personal artform.

Every tattoo begins with inspiration. Whether its a personal story, a piece of art, nature, or even a feeling, this initial spark is what transforms a simple idea into a meaningful design. Or sometimes you're just not quite sure and you see something you love in my design gallery!

The project starts with a conversation. In this consultation, we'll discuss your vision, inspirations and where you envision your tattoo. This collaborative process ensures that your tattoo is not just an artwork, but a representation of your unique narrative.

Post consult, I start sketching, bringing your ideas to life. Illustrative/neo trad tattoos are characterized by their strong lines, dynamic colors/shading, and a balance of realism with artistic creativity. This stage is where your story begins to take shape in visual form.

Once the design is perfected, we move to the tattooing. I use highest quality inks and state of the art equipment to ensure precision and comfort. This stage is a meticulous process, where each stroke adds depth and character to your story.

Every tattoo I create, my goal is to create a personal masterpiece. It's a visual narrative of you journey, beliefs or dreams. These tattoos are more than ink on skin, they are a reflection of you.

Ready to embark on this artistic adventure? Submit a form and together we'll create a piece of art that is uniquely yours. Like something in my gallery? Let me know and I can tailor it for you! As your tattoo artist, I'm excited to guide you through each step, ensuring your experience is as extraordinary as the tattoo itself.

Let's craft something uniquely beautiful!