Securing an appointment/getting a tatoo we’re both excited about!


Securing a tattoo appointment is easiest when your vision aligns with the themes and subjects that currently inspire and excite the artist.

I’m refining my focus to specialize in large-scale tattoos that complement the body’s form, diving deep into themes and styles that spark and allow freedom of my creativity. Here’s what I’m currently passionate about:

*Portraits: Capturing the essence and emotion of faces.

*Illustrative Lady Heads: Merging elegance with artistic flair.

*Skulls: Both realistic and stylized interpretations.

*Animals: Dynamic and detailed depictions.

*Large Showy Botanicals: Bold and expansive floral designs, with a preference for predrawn elements to ensure clarity and speed in execution.

*Dark Themes: Exploring the elegance of shadows and the nuanced side of darkness.

*Mythology: Bringing ancient stories and mythic characters to life.

I’m eager to work on these designs and share this artistic path with you all. For booking inquiries, please ensure your ideas align with these themes. Let’s create something beautiful together!

These are some of the themes I’m really vibing with lately, but they’re not the only ones I’m into. This list just gives you a snapshot of what’s currently sparking my creativity! Anything in my pre designed gallery is also highest priority for me.

Please note, I am focusing exclusively on fresh projects and am not taking on cover-ups, fix-ups, or lettering at this time. However, I’m happy to recommend talented artists who specialize in those areas. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.