My backpiece; vermont to rhode island in 12 trips


My 60 hour journey to a magnificent backpiece.....

I'd thought I'd share with you the insane "journey" I embarked upon-a journey not just of miles, but of endurance, art, and transformation. This is the story of my backpiece tattoo, a process that involved twelve trips to Rhode Island and a total of about 60 hours of tattoo time. (96 hours of driving and about 24 weeks of healing!!)

My tattoo project began with a decision that was years in the making. I wanted something that was not just a piece of art, but a part of me. I had been saving this area for a complete neck to knees backpiece for years. I had lost 70 pounds and completely changed my lifestyle; I knew I was ready.

After reaching out to several artists (everywhere from New York City to Montreal), I found a match in Rhode Island. My artists work stood out to me and he was willing to take on the project. I simply gave him my concept and let him have full creative freedom. (I wanted a female grim reaper with a bearded vulture and skeletal remains.)

Each trip to Rhode Island was a unique experience. I spent anywhere from 4-6 hours in the chair each time. The initial outline was a bit longer, 8.5 hours. Some sessions were more painful than others, but each was a step closer to the masterpiece being created on my back. Some days, it felt like it would never be done.

Enduring 60 hours of tattooing was not without its challenges. The long drives, the anticipation, the pain, and the healing process tested my limits. But with each session I felt more connected to my backpiece as if it was coming to life along with a new part of myself. I signed up for this challenge and I wasn't going to fail.

The final trip was filled with a mix of emotions-excitement, relief, and a bit of sadness that this journey was coming to an end. As the final touches were added, I felt a sense of accomplishment like never before. I did have a brief period of depression, something I hadn't anticipated, now that this life goal had been achieved. I did it.... now what??!

With my backpiece complete, I carry not just a work of art, but a story, a journey and a part of my soul inked into my skin. It's a testament to my endurance, my passion for art, and the incredible skill of my artist, Andrey Vasilyev. We were able to complete this in 10 months which is a testament to our commitment to the project.

This experience has taught me so much about myself, patience, resilience, and the beauty of transformative art. To anyone considering a major tattoo, I say: embrace the journey, respect the process and cherish the result. You're stronger than you think you are.