Are you dreaming of the perfect tattoo but not sure how to choose the right artist? Let's dive into the art of selecting your ideal tattoo creator, focusing on two popular styles: illustrative vs. realistic.

What's Illustrative Style?

Illustrative tattoos blend elements of traditional tattooing with fine art. Expect bold lines, vibrant colors, and often, a story telling element. They're expressive, creative and can range from whimsical to dark.

We know how realism is different.

Realistic tattoos aim to replicate exactly what's seen in real life, from portraits to landscapes. Precision, shading and a keen eye for detail are crucial. It's like carrying a photo on your skin.

Composition and layout; what is it and why does it matter?

Every artist has a unique approach to composing their designs. Look for harmony, balance, and how elements interact on the sin. Good composition should feel intentional and enhance the body's natural contours.

Portfolio Review

A deep dive into an artists portfolio is non negotiable. Look for consistency in quality across styles. Versatility in specialization depending on your preference. Clear, well photographed images of their work (without obvious "enhancements"). Healed photos or seeing work in real life is also excellent in your research. If their work has a consistent style or look to it, your tattoo is probably going to look like one of them. I would not recommend asking a "traditional tattooer" to do "fine line delicate" flowers. You will end up with traditional flowers with thick, bold outlines. Nothing wrong with that, if that is what you're looking for. Your expectation should match their style.

When you find an artist whose stye vibes with yours, research their website about their process and even their inspiration. You can also find out more about their preferred methods of working. I have a whole page dedicated to this exact information.

Remember, the right tattoo artist for you will not only excel in your preferred style but will also guide you through the design process with clarity and confidence. Your comfort and their professionalism should align as seamlessly as their art on your skin.