my journey as a tattoo artist through a health crisis


I'm a passionate tattoo artist based in the scenic state of Vermont. Recently, I experienced a health emergency that not only tested my resilience but also deepened my appreciation for my craft.

The new year started with plans for new tattoo designs and techniques, but life (and my body) had other plans. A sudden health scare put a pause on my tattooing journey, leading me down a path of recovery and reflection.

While recuperating, my love for tattoo art became a source of comfort and inspiration. Sketching designs and planning future projects kept my spirits high and my creativity flowing.

This unexpected health challenge has been a profound journey. It reaffirmed my love for tattoo art. As I get back to my studio, I'm more eager than ever to create beautiful, meaningful tattoos that tell stories and bring joy. I also quit smoking!

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Stay tuned for exciting new designs and stories from my Vermont studio.